Leveraging strengths. Every business has products, services and revenue streams that are better than others for its bottom line. Management accounting can provide you with detailed information about how much each of your offerings costs relative to the return it provides. With this data in hand, you can focus on investing in your most profitable endeavors and scaling back or completely eliminating those that provide less of a return. This process allows you to grow organically, building on the business model and infrastructure you already have.

Introducing new products. You can also grow your business organically by introducing new offerings. Although new product development can be expensive, it is still usually more affordable to do the work and create the systems internally than to invest in a product that another business has already developed. Products that you develop and introduce yourself are also more likely to keep with your strengths and your brand, helping to build your company across the board.

Continuous improvement. Whatever your business does, you can always find ways to do it better. You can invest in training, find ways to cut waste or spark creativity by looking at old questions in new ways. All of these strategies help your company to grow organically, drawing on what you already have to increase sales, improve margins and build your customer base.