Sales and Marketing is the core of your business.  Without it, your business simply would not exist.  Understanding the difference in the two and incorporating a strategy to improve both is essential to your company’s success.  While marketing is everything you’re doing to get the phone to ring or traffic to your website, sales is the final exchange of money for your product or service.  Everything in the business world revolves around both. 

180 Mindset will teach you how to effectively market to qualified customers in many different avenues.  From social media, AdWords campaigns, website, blogs, newsletters, outside sales, etc. to speaking on the phone, emails, follow-ups and much more.  Remember, it’s as simple as “if they don’t know who you are, they won’t use you”.  So how do they know who you are?  Once the marketing is in motion, the phone should start ringing, and that’s where the sale comes in. Whether you need help with understanding sales or perfecting your elevator pitch, writing a script to knowing how to close the deal, we have you covered.  We’ll teach you how, just being yourself, will close the deal.  How sales is just a numbers game and how a “Closed Mouth Doesn’t Get Fed”. We’ll also teach you how to best answer tough questions and how to prepare yourself when you’re walking in to talk to people.  180 Mindset will show you what’s necessary to compete in today’s world and feel confident in the future with the success of your business.