Autonomy. Although some organic growth companies do bring in investors, this strategy requires considerably less outlay than externally based expansion, making you less beholden to other stakeholders who may not share your vision. If your organic growth is slow and steady, you may be able to finance it entirely with your own credit and resources, freeing you to run your business entirely as you see fit.

Sustainability. It’s easier to maintain an organic rate of growth than a trajectory geared toward external expansion. If you’re looking to build a human-scale business rather than a juggernaut conglomerate, an organic growth strategy will be easier on your finances and most likely on your personal life as well.

Reduced risk. The risk involved in an organically growing business is measured risk because expansion is incremental, and such a strategy builds on existing strengths and resources. You’re investing in what you know rather than borrowing to merge your company with an unfamiliar entity.