Once your business matures, you may have difficulty maintaining the rate of organic expansion that you achieved during its growth phase. Although it may feel like your business is declining because you aren’t maintaining the rate of rapid expansion that you experienced during the previous phase, you may actually be stabilizing and drawing on the foundation you already created.

A mature company may not show much organic growth simply because it is at a stage in its business life cycle when aggressive growth isn’t necessary. However, if your sales start to drop off sharply, or you begin to lose market share, it may be time to start reinventing your brand and reinvest in the organic growth cycle.

Organic growth strategy advantages and disadvantages often come down to what you hope to achieve from running your business and your personal and professional vision of success. Not every entrepreneur needs to operate on a global scale or earn millions of dollars. You may be happier and more comfortable simply growing at a pace that is in sync with your goals and your values and building your skills and your company over time.