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The Inner Works with 180MINDSET
It all starts and ends with your mindset. In order to get somewhere you’ve never gone, you have to do something you have never done.
Starting & Maintaining your business
Learn how to start, maintain, strengthen and improve business techniques.
Create powerful marketing & Sales strategies
Understand the difference between marketing and sales, incorporate strategies, qualify your customers, close accounts and build your contact list.

Business 101

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Sales & Marketing

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Motivational / Business Speaker

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180 Mindset isn’t an ordinary consulting company.  We specialize in helping you understand how to do it yourself so you can be successful on your own. 

Our team is made up of professionals that understand every field of business.  Each person in 180 Mindset understands a different part of making a successful business.  We don’t pretend one of us knows everything, instead we acknowledge our strengths and use our team accordingly. 

While one member of the team specializes in analytics, numbers, strengths and weaknesses of a business, another member understands on-line advertising, AdWords, Blogs, Newsletters, and website maintenance.  Another understands how to startup businesses, sales, marketing, managing, motivation and has several successful companies. 

When you hire 180 Mindset you get a TEAM that works together to listen to your needs and help you succeed. 


What Small Business Owners, Executives and Independent Professionals Say About 180mindset
“I have to admit, I was very skeptical about the idea of coaching before, but working with 180mindset has been one of the best business moves ever. Go for it!

Michael Van Camp

CEO, Pulse Technology